How To – User Feedback Form

Our feedback form can be used to add a new listing, edit an existing listing or remove a listing altogether. You can find a blank form at the link below which you can use to add a new listing. To edit or remove an existing listing you can simply click on the feedback button within that listing.

Click here for a blank feedback form

edit iconFor updates the button looks like this. Make sure you hit the button contained within the listing you want removed or updated. If you do not then things can get confused and you removal may take longer than necessary.


Make sure to use the feedback button within the listing you want to update

The feedback form itself contains three parts, Name & Address, Contact Information & Your Info.

Firstly you will want to head to ‘Your Info’ at the bottom of the page and select your ‘Contact Reason’ this will help us to process your enquiry quickly, you can choose from the following:

- Additional information  – Select to add more info to a listing
- Name wrong  – Select to correct the name
- Address wrong  – Select to correct the address
- Telephone number wrong  – Select to correct the telephone number
- Please remove this entry  – Select to request a listing removal
- Request new entry  – Select to submit a new listing

Once you have selected your contact reason you will need to provide some information about yourself (name & email address) This information is used strictly for verification only. No details submitted here will be used in any other way.

Removals – For listing removals you need only fill out the section titled ‘Your Information’ (image above) once this is complete you can click ‘Submit Query’ at the top of the page. Your feedback will be addressed by one of our data team in the coming days and you will receive confirmation of the removal at the email address you provided.


Once you have filled out the neccessary fileds for your request, click Submit Query to send your feedback form. A member of our Data Team will review your feedback in the coming days and you will recieve confirmation to the email you provided.

Updates & Additions – For updates to listings you can use the sections under ‘Name & Address’ and ‘Contact Details’ (images below) to edit the information of a listing and add further details. Once all the fields are correct click ‘Submit Query’ and our data team will review your feedback. You will receive confirmation of the update at the email address you provided.

USpeopleFeedback1In these sections you can freely edit the information help within the listing, you can correct any mistakes and add information where there is blanks. You can add Website addresses and Social meida links as well as a brief description.

You will also notice a map in the feedback form, this can be used to update the map pointer within your listing. Simply click on your location to move the pointer, you will see the geo coordinates in the field above change. Do not attempt to change these coordinates manuallyUSpeopleFeedback2.

USpeopleFeedback4Once all the fields read correctly click ‘Submit Query’ and our data team will review your feedback.