About uspeople

USpeople.info ™ provides its users with immediate access to one of the most up to date sources of address and phone number information of people in the US and the site is optimized to work with the leading search engines. As well as up to date business information, USpeople.info ™ also provides other local information, such as places of interest and places to go, as well as the ability to easily find a more suitable business.

In addition, we've made USpeople.info ™ easy to use, not just from your computer, but also from tablets and smartphones as well. We keep our directory as up-to-date and comprehensive as we can by updating it every working day with thousands of changes.

However since there is always room for improvement we always appreciate any feedback concerning inaccurate information or missing listings. Please refer to our Feedback Guide for help with updating existing listings and adding new ones. You can also email us at data (at) USpeople.info, or for any other enquiries, please use info (at) USpeople.info. For listing removals please refer to our Removals Guide. You do not need to provide a reason for a removal request. Your feedback is reason enough and we will not challenge any such request.

As an online telephone directory, we source our data from all major and local telephone service providers. This data is for use in phone, print and online directories. If you do not wish to appear in any such directory you can contact your telephone provider and have them list your details as both Non-Listed & Non-Published. This way you can be sure that your details will not appear in phone, print or online telephone directories.

Technical Notes

USpeople.info ™ uses the most modern web technologies and it's designed to work only with the latest versions of the most modern browsers, so it may not run properly with older browsers.

We advise all our users keep their browsers current with the latest version in order to provide the highest level of internet security. USpeople.info ™ uses session-cookies which are usually automatically deleted by your browser when leaving this web site.

Apr 01, 2014