Ellen Gialerakis

(914) 633 6961
196 Lincoln Ave
New Rochelle Westchester NY 10801-3934
40.915448 -73.794157

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Other People near Ellen Gialerakis

Adan Lopez

160 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3904 0.034 mi

D Bacchus

140 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3902 0.035 mi

Nicole Davis

160 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3904 0.041 mi

Alice Parker

160 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3904 0.041 mi

Getachew Challa

366 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3907 0.056 mi

Y Henry

124 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3902 0.057 mi

Nestali Hernandez

120 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3944 0.058 mi


For help with marketing and branding, consult with an Advertising Agency available locally. All insurance matters are catered to with a couple of firms available closeby. If you are hungry there are a few restaurants serving the area. For food stuffs and household goods there is a Grocery Store around to provide.

Rest assured, there is at least one doctor in the area. Need a room for the night in New Rochelle, NY? There is a local hotel.

Other Places near Ellen Gialerakis

St Simon Episcopal Church

Religious Organizations
135 Remington Pl
New Rochelle NY 10801-3925 0.016 mi

Dct Inc

Advertising Agencies
354 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3907 0.045 mi

Mackadocious Care

Beauty Shops
352 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3811 0.045 mi

Andrea's Styles & Smile Inc

338 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3811 0.054 mi

I &J 99 Centsplus

336 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3811 0.054 mi

Usmex Beauty Salon Babershopinc

Barber Shops
334 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3811 0.054 mi

344 Webster Laundromat

344 Webster Ave
New Rochelle NY 10801-3811 0.058 mi