Andrea Ferguson

(215) 235 0763
1904 N 23 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2025
39.983824 -75.172049

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R Ferguson

1904 N 23 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2025 0.0 mi

Ronald Ferguson

1904 N 23 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2025 0.0 mi

Yvonne Ferguson

2231 Page St
Philadelphia PA 19121-1322 0.136 mi

Frances Ferguson

2332 Nicholas St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2912 0.272 mi

Tristan Ferguson

2149 N 28 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-1203 0.472 mi

Jack Ferguson

2923 W Diamond St
Philadelphia PA 19121-1209 0.565 mi

Sara Ferguson Ferguson

2515 N Garnet St
Philadelphia PA 19132-3728 0.731 mi

Other People near Andrea Ferguson

Janice Taylor

1928 N 23 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2025 0.041 mi

A Taylor

1934 N 23 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2025 0.055 mi

Ruby Brown

1919 N 24 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2010 0.059 mi

Carol Jiles-Moss

1938 N Croskey St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2027 0.066 mi

Lula Smith

1921 N Croskey St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2026 0.068 mi

Ariel Pennick

2217 W Berks St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2053 0.069 mi

Catherine Rudd

1848 N Bucknell St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2033 0.07 mi


There is a number of Social Services nearby, offering a wide range of support to all comers. If you are hungry there are a few restaurants serving the area. Working parents looking for a baby sitter, au pair or nanny have a choice of Day care services. Having car trouble? There is a General Automotive Repair Shop at hand.

For food stuffs and household goods there is more than one Grocery Store around to provide. All insurance matters are catered to with a firm available closeby. Keep on trucking. Find one to rent at many neighboring Truck Rentals.

Other Places near Andrea Ferguson

Saint Elizabeth's Philadelphia Plan

Individual and Family Social Services
1845 N 23 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2055 0.052 mi

Cookies And Cream

Ice Cream and Yogurt
2227 W Berks St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2053 0.059 mi

Mwfhe House On 24th Street

Substance Abuse Outpatient Clinics
1909 N 24 St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2010 0.059 mi

St Elizabeth's

Individual and Family Social Services
1850 N Croskey St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2035 0.06 mi

Community Partnership School

1936 N Judson St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2029 0.062 mi

Right Choice Deli Llc

Delicatessen, Sandwich, Soup and Salad Restaurants
2221 W Berks St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2053 0.064 mi

Smith Georgia

Child Day Care Services
1919 N Croskey St
Philadelphia PA 19121-2026 0.068 mi