Alonzo Goodman

(215) 849 7430
6748 Crittenden St
Philadelphia PA 19119-1524
40.063255 -75.175766

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Flat hunters are sure to find the flat they like, with a great choice in neighborhood rental properties. Rest assured, there are a couple of doctors in the area. For food stuffs and household goods there is a Grocery Store around to provide. There is at least one attorney nearby.

If you are hungry there are a few restaurants serving the area. Working parents looking for a baby sitter, au pair or nanny have a choice of Day care services.

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Mis Consultants

Business Consulting Services
731 E Dorset St
Philadelphia PA 19119-1526 0.014 mi

Metal Group

Fabricated Metal Products
740 E Vernon Rd
Philadelphia PA 19119-1551 0.024 mi

Boykin Landscape

824 E Dorset St
Philadelphia PA 19119-1527 0.073 mi

Spin Inc

Convalescent Care Facilities
820 E Vernon Rd
Philadelphia PA 19119-1519 0.078 mi

Happy Hill Learning Center Inc

Private Schools, Elementary and Secondary
7909 Stenton Ave
Philadelphia PA 19150-3615 0.124 mi

Mt Moriah Pentecostal Church

7907 Stenton Ave
Philadelphia PA 19150-3615 0.15 mi

Volume Central Inc

Moving Companies
804 E Hortter St
Philadelphia PA 19119-1529 0.166 mi