Rosa Tapia

(909) 887 8618
1862 W Lincoln St
San Bernardino CA 92411-0934
34.132099 -117.327579

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Juan Tapia

1439 31 Pl
San Bernardino CA 92405-1818 1.216 mi

Roberto Jr Tapia

1030 E Margarita Rd
Rialto CA 92376-3774 1.451 mi

Adriana Tapia

San Bernardino CA 92410 2.36 mi

Maricela Tapia

1229 W Belleview St
San Bernardino CA 92410-2319 2.42 mi

Jesus Tapia

135 N Pepper Ave
Rialto CA 92376-6181 2.56 mi

Veronica Tapia

135 N Pine Ave
Rialto CA 92376-6037 2.8 mi

Yesenia Tapia

315 E Gilbert St
San Bernardino CA 92404-5316 2.83 mi

Other People near Rosa Tapia

Hunt Charles

1863 W Lincoln Ave Apt A
San Bernardino CA 92411-3016 0.023 mi

Jorge Cisneros

1840 Susie Ln
San Bernardino CA 92411-0940 0.027 mi

Joane Rivera

1892 W Lincoln Ave Apt A
San Bernardino CA 92411-3050 0.034 mi

Rebecca Brooks

1826 W Lincoln St
San Bernardino CA 92411-0934 0.034 mi

S Richards

1885 W Lincoln Ave Apt A
San Bernardino CA 92411-3017 0.034 mi

Thuytien Thi Truong

1885 W Lincoln Ave
San Bernardino CA 92411-3066 0.034 mi

Dolores Lara

1823 Susie Ln
San Bernardino CA 92411-0941 0.044 mi


Flat hunters may well find the flat they like, via the neighborhood rental property operator. Rest assured, there are a couple of doctors in the area. For food stuffs and household goods there is a Grocery Store around to provide. If you are hungry there are a few restaurants serving the area.

Get down to the local department store for a wide choice in shopping. Head down to one of the Drug Store for everything from prescriptions to cold and flu remedies and cosmetics. For freshly baked bread and cakes, roll on down to the Bakery.

Other Places near Rosa Tapia

AAA Road Service

1898 Ladds Ct
San Bernardino CA 92411-3003 0.102 mi

Aaa Locksmith

1681 N Pennsylvania Ave
San Bernardino CA 92411-1174 0.136 mi

Serenade Townhomes

1865 Clyde St
San Bernardino CA 92411-3006 0.15 mi

Little Zion Manor

Operators of Rental Apartments
2000 Jubilee Ct
San Bernardino CA 92411-1185 0.196 mi

Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

Rehabilitation Centers
1760 W 16 St
San Bernardino CA 92411-1150 0.219 mi

Ballard Robert H Rehabilitation Hospital

Rehabilitation Centers
1760 W 16 St
San Bernardino CA 92411-1160 0.219 mi

Bernardino Rehab Hospital

1760 W 16 St
San Bernardino CA 92411-1160 0.219 mi