Jeffrey Yount

(314) 721 8619
6939 Waterman Ave
University City Saint Louis MO 63130-4333
38.653353 -90.313389

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Bill Yount Signs

2002 Woodson Rd
Saint Louis MO 63114-5644 3.64 mi

Bill Yount Signs

2002 Woodson Rd
Overland MO 63114-5644 3.64 mi

Van Buren Yount

4716 Lexington Ave
Saint Louis MO 63115-2045 3.8 mi

Tana Yount

8578 Ardelia Ave
Saint Louis MO 63114-4406 4.47 mi

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10 Taylor Est
Kirkwood MO 63122-2914 6.3 mi

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David A Bridger

6943 Waterman Ave
University City MO 63130-4333 0.016 mi

Cynthia Zirwes

6925 Waterman Ave
University City MO 63130-4333 0.032 mi

Eugene Lehr

6955 Waterman Ave
University City MO 63130-4333 0.032 mi

Robert Parks

6934 Waterman Ave
University City MO 63130-4332 0.034 mi

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6926 Kingsbury Blvd
University City MO 63130-4327 0.037 mi

David Koller

6922 Kingsbury Blvd
University City MO 63130-4327 0.042 mi

Michael Milchanowski

6950 Kingsbury Blvd
University City MO 63130-4327 0.046 mi


All insurance matters are catered to with a couple of firms available closeby. If you are hungry there are a few restaurants serving the area. There is a number of Social Services nearby, offering a wide range of support to all comers. There is a Shoe Store not far away for all your footwear needs.

Other Places near Jeffrey Yount

Clarkson Consulting Inc

Construction Management Services
6903 Pershing Ave
University City MO 63130-4331 0.102 mi

A Cut Above The Rest

Beauty Shops
381 N Big Bend Blvd
Saint Louis MO 63130-4428 0.122 mi

Domino's Pizza

Pizza Restaurants
7018 Pershing Ave
University City MO 63130-4318 0.139 mi

Hi Tec Copy Center

Commercial Art and Graphic Design
375 N Big Bend Blvd
University City MO 63130-4428 0.147 mi

V Ip Cleaners & Formalwear

Dry Cleaning Services
7014 Pershing Ave
University City MO 63130-4318 0.147 mi

Millbrook Pharmacy Inc.

7010 Pershing Ave
University City MO 63130-4318 0.159 mi

Quadrangle Housing Washington University

6823 Kingsbury Blvd
Saint Louis MO 63130-4637 0.166 mi